Simulations and Demonstrations


  1. Introduction
  2. Sampling Demonstration
    Measurement Demonstration
  3. Graphing Distributions
  4. Box Plot Demonstration
  5. Summarizing Distributions
  6. Balance Scale Simulation
    Absolute Difference Simulation
    Squared Differences Simulation
    Mean and Median Simulation
    Variability Demo
    Estimating Variance Simulation
    Comparing Distributions Demo
  7. Describing Bivariate Data
  8. Guessing Correlations Simulation
    Restriction of Range Demo
  9. Probability
  10. Conditional Probability Demo
    Gamblers Fallacy Simulation
    Birthday Demonstration
    Binomial Demonstration
    Bayes' Theorem Demonstration
    Monty Hall Problem Demonstration
  11. Normal Distributions
  12. Varieties of Normal Distribution Demo
    Normal Approximation Demo
  13. Sampling Distributions
  14. Basic Demo of Sampling Distributions
    Sample Size Demo: Sampling Distributions
    Central Limit Theorem Demo
  15. Estimation
  16. Confidence Interval Simulation
  17. Logic of Hypothesis Testing
  18. Testing Means
  19. t Distribution Demo
    Robustness Simulation
    Correlated t Test Simulation
  20. Power
  21. Power Demo 1
    Power Demo 2
  22. Prediction
  23. Linear Fit Demo
    Prediction Line Demo
  24. ANOVA
  25. One-Way Demo
    Power of Within-Subjects Designs Demo
  26. Chi Square
  27. 2 x 2 Table Demo
    Testing Distributions Demo

Simulations from the Rice Virtual Lab in Statitics