Statistical Literacy


David M. Lane

Testing an Alzheimer's Drug


Multi-Factor ANOVA

A research design to compare three drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease is described here. For the first two years of the study, researchers will follow the subjects with scans and memory tests.

What do you think?

Assume the data were analyzed as a two-factor design with pre-post testing as one factor and the three drugs as the second factor. What term in an ANOVA would reflect whether the pre-post change was different for the three drugs?

Weight Loss and Cancer Risk

An experiment on risk factors for cancer had four conditions related to weight loss. Quoting the web page description:

"McTiernan and her colleagues randomly assigned 399 overweight and obese postmenopausal women to one of four groups — dieting plus exercise, dieting only, exercise only or a control group not required to do either."

What do you think?

What type of ANOVA design was used?

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