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Smiles and Leniency
Will a smiling person accused of a crime be treated more leniently than one who is not smiling? If so, does the type of smile make a difference?
Concepts: quantile/boxplots, contrasts among means, Dunnett's test, Bonferroni correction

Weapons and Aggression
Does the mere presence of a weapon increase the accessibility of aggressive thoughts?
Concepts: quantile and box plots, stem and leaf displays, one-sample t test, confidence interval, within-subjects ANOVA, consequences of violation of normality assumption

Magnets and Pain Relief
Can the application of magnetic fields be an effective treatment for pain?
Concepts: boxplots, stem and leaf displays, correlated t test, two-sample t test, repeated measures analysis of variance, analysis of covariance

Instructor Reputation and Teacher Ratings
Does an instructor's reputation affect ratings of the instructor's lecture?
Concepts: boxplots, stem and leaf displays, two-sample t tests, analysis of variance

Diet and Health
A low-fat diet was compared to a "Mediterranean diet." See which led to better health.
Concepts: Chi Square test of independence

Physical Strength and Job Performance
How does one select employees to perform physically demanding jobs? This case study examines the relationship between isometric strength tests and job performance for 147 workers.
Concepts: correlation, linear regression, multiple regression

Who is Buying iMacs?
What proportion of the iMac purchasers are new computer owners?
Concepts: confidence intervals, proportion, normal approximation to binomial

Natural Language Interface
Is it easier to learn to use computer software that uses natural languge commands?
Concepts: analysis of covariance, adjusted means, boxplots

Physicians' Reactions to Overweight Patients
Do physicians discriminate against overweight patients? This study indicates that, at least in one respect, they do.
Concepts: t test, means, boxplots